Ring Fit Female Only Fitness Classes

Beginner Ring Fit Female Only Fitness Classes Enrolling In April

Ring Fit is a female only fitness class, incorporating boxing, kickboxing drills along with general fitness exercises to give you an explosive complete body workout.

During the class you will work through a series of timed rounds (so you can go at you own speed) focusing on strength and conditioning drills to help tone your body and get you looking great, while also explosive cardiovascular drills to help you loose weight and burn fat.

This is a great class for people of all fitness levels, where you can push yourself at your own pace through the drills and as you continue to improve you can continue to up your level of fitness.


If you want to get fit fast while having fun in a structured, high-intensity workout, try XFC Gym's Ring Fit FEMALE ONLY Fitness class. Just fill out the short form on the side of this page and our staff will promply get back with you.

Our Ring Fit Female Only Fitness Classes Are Located In

  • Bayswater
  • Noble Park

Ring Fit Female Only Fitness Program Age Groups

  • From Age 15 To 99 (Ring Fit Female Only Fitness)

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